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May 18, 2018


Bonds are traditionally viewed as a stable investment, but they are now showing some signs of volatility.  Steve talks with a member of the CFN investment team as they discuss the role bonds play within a diversified investment portfolio.


Annuities may offer comfort to some investors who have an aversion to market fluctuation.  Steve talks about the various types of annuities, and if they should be part of your overall investment plan. Steve highlights the differences between fixed, immediate and variable annuities.


The cost of healthcare is high and will continue to rise.  It’s estimated that a 65 year old couple retiring today will need about $280,000 to cover healthcare and medical expenses through retirement. Steve talks about how a variable annuity may help in covering some of those costs during retirement. 

May 11, 2018


Steve and Chris Gibbons, of the Cordasco Financial Network team talk about the fear of over-spending in retirement and the importance of uncovering spending priorities as you plan for those post-working years.


Steve discusses some of the factors you should consider before accepting social security payments.  Learn the facts about collecting at age 62, 70, or at your full retirement age.


 Steve talks wills and trusts, but also shares his findings that many parents and grandparents are getting great pleasure out of watching others enjoy what they’ve earned and shared, rather than just knowing they will be provided for after they’re gone.


May 4, 2018


One of America’s best known and most successful investors has a definitive opinion on bitcoin that may surprise you.  With Warren Buffet’s track record of success, many investors are listening carefully to what he has to say about the cryptocurrency craze.  Find out if he believes it's an investment or speculation?



Have you ever been sucked into a get rich quick sales pitch? Don’t be ashamed.  Some people are motivated to jump into “investments” that sound too good to be true, and others react with skepticism. Discover if you and your partner are of the same “money mind” when it comes to these so-called opportunities.    



Following your emotions regarding money and investing is never a good idea.  Learn how to avoid that costly mistake, particularly at a time of life when you have fewer years to recover. Be patient, choose wisely.  


Apr 27, 2018

Steve discusses the fear of going broke in retirement.  It impacts many, including those who have significant retirement savings.  Concern about over-spending can keep some retirees from enjoying the assets they have accumulated throughout their working life.  Steve discusses how good planning and the development of careful spending habits can alleviate this common fear and help retirees live their best life. 

Next, Steve takes an in-depth, two-segment look into work related retirement plans such as 401(k), 403 (b) and profit sharing pension plans.  Noting that many company plans are deficient in some critical areas, Steve offers specific action plans for employers and employees to make the company plan more advantageous for all who participate. 

Then, Steve talks about productive ways of opening a dialog between employers and employees regarding a company's retirement savings plan, and the many resources Cordasco Financial Network can provide. 

Apr 20, 2018

How much do you want the federal government involved in your retirement savings?  Steve discusses a recent survey showing how the majority of people want to either keep individual control of their retirement savings, or save for retirement through an employer sponsored plan.  He details the reasons government involvement should be limited to social security.   


Next, Steve talks about the fastest growing portion of the population who are getting divorced, those in or nearing retirement.  Since the 1990’s, divorce in the 50+ age group has doubled, and for those over 65, the divorce rate has tripled.  Steve analyzes the trend with a focus on how late-life divorce impacts  financial security in retirement. 


Then, Steve discusses a recent article published in a medical journal that says your financial health is important enough to be viewed as one of your vital signs.  The article documents the relationship between your wealth and your health.  Learn how big financial losses can impact your physical health and what you can do to protect yourself.  


And finally, Steve helps investors put stock market volatility in perspective with a detailed look at  the latest information posted to the resources section of our website called "First Quarter 2018 Knowledge College: Volatility in Perspective."  You can listen to the segment, then view further information online at

Apr 13, 2018

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress this week about his company's controversial handling of personal data.  Steve talks with Anthony Mongeluzo, President of PCS, a managed IT service provider for an extended two-segment discussion about cybersecurity, including the security of online personal financial data.


Next, Ian Comisky, partner in the law firm of Fox Rothschild, joins Steve for his annual visit to talk taxes.  They discuss a wide range of tax related topics including some specific things that could trigger an IRS audit.


Then, Steve talks about how Cordasco Financial Network secures online and computer based financial information for clients. 

Apr 6, 2018

Politics and the economy take center stage as President Trump continues to talk tough on tariffs and international trade. Steve discusses how the President's new Chief Economic Adviser, Larry Kudlow, uses his communication skills to reduce public concern and ultimately calm jittery markets. 


Next, Steve discusses ways to prepare for a bear market, including how to deal with the media hype and how to avoid making emotional investment decisions.  Steve also talks about finding the right asset mix of stocks, bonds, and appropriate cash reserves.


Then, Steve discusses the hidden threat of lawsuits.  It's a growing trend and more common than many believe. Steve looks at specific examples that may put you at risk, and how best to protect yourself and your wealth through liability insurance. Steve details why managing risk is an important part of overall financial planning.


Finally, Steve goes full circle on the recent Larry Kudlow media interviews with some interesting audio of Larry being somewhat challenged by his old friend, Fox Business host Neil Cavuto. 

Mar 30, 2018
Steve begins with a look at various types of retirement.  He discusses ways you can determine what's best for you, and how to develop an investment plan for each alternative.  
Next, Steve talks about the importance of having life insurance and how it fits into an overall financial plan. He also shares ways to determine just how much life insurance someone should have.
Then, Steve and our investment team discuss the current market volatility including some specific sectors that have been hardest hit.
Finally, Steve and the investment team discuss current trends in the bond market and compare investing in bond funds to purchasing individual bonds.
Mar 23, 2018

The federal reserve increased its benchmark overnight lending rate this week.  Steve discusses the fed's motivation for the move and what impact a rate hike has on the markets, inflation, and the economy.  Steve also discusses the central bank's plans for additional rate increases during the remainder of this year along with their projection for 2019.


Next, Chris Gibbons of the Cordasco Financial Network team discusses the impact of tariffs on international trade, then delves into the many reasons for optimism about the future of our economy.


Then, CFN's John Walker and Jim Tate CPA team up to host an informative segment on tax optimization and tax planning.  They discuss several tax related financial planning issues that deserve attention during tax season, and throughout the entire year.  They also discuss several noteworthy tax law changes occurring in 2018.  

Mar 16, 2018

Larry Kudlow has been asked by President Trump to become his next Chief Economic Adviser.  Steve hosted Larry Kudlow here in Philadelphia last year.  Previously, Steve had two opportunities to speak with him at length on the program.  In this segment, Larry talks about his economic philosophies, and his earlier work with Donald Trump as a candidate and as president.    

Next, we head back into the vault to present an in-depth interview Steve did with Larry Kudlow at the time of the release of Larry's best selling book "JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity." Steve's discussion with Larry Kudlow is historical in nature, but considering Larry's new position with the Trump administration it has ties directly to today's economic issues.

Then, Steve talks about "your money mind" and ways to determine if you're financially and emotionally ready for retirement, and how best to transition into that phase of life.

Mar 9, 2018


Steve talks with CFN’s investment team in this extended two-segment discussion. They discuss the impact of President Trump's call for tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.  Some economists fear it may trigger a trade war causing inflation that will slow U.S. economic growth.  Steve explains how inflation has a positive effect on some, while having the opposite effect on those in or nearing retirement. They also discuss investments that are effective during inflationary times.

 Then, Steve talks about this week's resignation of President Trump's chief economic adviser Gary Cohn. Steve includes audio clips of past discussions with economic analyst Larry Kudlow, as Kudlow may be tapped by the president to replace Gary Cohn.  Steve discusses several philosophical differences between Kudlow and President Trump and how they could overcome those disparities if they were to work together.

Steve wraps up the show with a look at the impact of a potential trade war involving China and talks more about the potential impact of inflation.

Mar 2, 2018

Steve begins with a look at how the spending habits developed during the wealth accumulation years may affect individuals in retirement. He discusses how care free spending, which is well within our control, can derail a well planned retirement. Steve also talks about "the spending challenge" and how it can give us a better understanding of how we use our disposable income.

After a lifetime of work, people need to determine how financially ready they are for the transition into retirement. Steve discusses how leaving work life, and a reliable earned income behind, can cause anxiety. Steve details ways good planning and an understanding of "your money mind" can help you live your best life.

Then Steve discusses how the relative strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar impacts the economy. He talks about why the Trump administration may be embracing a weaker U.S. dollar policy and why some economists believe this may not be the best course of action.

Feb 23, 2018

News of inflation and the potential for rising interest rates are getting a lot of attention. Steve begins with a discussion on the recent activities of the Federal Reserve and how moves by the nation's central bank affect our economy. Steve focuses particular attention on those in, or planning for, retirement.

Then, Tim Joseph, CPA with Cordasco Financial Network, joins Steve for a comprehensive discussion on tax planning. During this extended session, they talk about specific changes in the 2018 tax laws and the importance of having a sound tax strategy while planning for retirement.

Steve wraps things up by discussing the Cordasco Financial Network team approach, and ways CFN can help address the issues discussed on today's program.

Feb 16, 2018
First up, Steve is still basking in the glory of the Eagles Super Bowl win as he discusses the risk-reward scenario played out during the game, and during the career of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.  You'll hear clips of a recent Nick Foles TV interview as Steve directly relates the ups and downs of Foles career with the often turbulent seas of investing for retirement.  There's the potential of adversity in everything we do, it's how we react that makes the difference.   
Next, Steve talks about how writers, reporters, and anchors the news media are still largely preoccupied with negative financial news. Often their take is politically motivated.  Steve takes a broader and more reasoned view that helps put things in perspective.
Then, Steve is joined by Altan Wuliji, Consultant with CFN's investment team at DiMeo Schneider & Associates. They discuss how the market numbers of the last few weeks likely impacted your portfolio. They also talk about how the fundamentals of our economy are sound and why it's important to keep fears and anxieties in check.
And finally, Steve talks more about how to determine what Your Best Life actually is.  He offers encouragement for the underdog.  With a good plan, even the underdog can come out a winner.
Feb 9, 2018

First, Steve talks with Altan Wuliji, Consultant with CFN’s investment team at DiMeo Schneider & Associates.  They take a look at the causes of this past week’s market volatility.  The key word to remember is...perspective.  How the numbers actually impacted your portfolio and what can be done to manage your anxiety. 


Next, Steve takes an even deeper dive into stock and bond markets volatility.  The news media seems preoccupied with negative financial news.  Often market moves are presented as a disaster in the making.  Steve tamps down the hysteria with a clear and rational look at the facts to counteract investors’ fears.


Last, find out how to pick a financial advisor and organize the priorities that are important to you. You won’t want to miss Steve’s checklist on how to find the right advisor for you.




Feb 2, 2018

To start the show, Steve is joined by former football player for the Philadelphia Eagles Dennis Franks. Dennis will open up about the difficult transition out of football to business, and how he reinvented himself. Learn how he found his own success and how his insight can help you and your retirement planning. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive Eagles forecast for the big game this weekend!

Last, what is the best measurement system when it comes to your investment returns? Steve will walk you through how to create your own personal benchmark to help reduce your investment performance stress.  

Jan 26, 2018

Former Eagles player Vince Papale joins the show to debut his new book “The Last Laugh: Vision to Victory.”

Also, Steve will talk about the buzz around the billionaire in office, President Donald Trump. Hear Steve’s take on President Trump’s policies and advice for investors.

Lastly, as a head’s up to next week’s show, former Eagles player Dennis Franks (teammate of Vince Papale and co-author of the “The Last Laugh: Vision to Victory”) will join the show—you won’t want to miss this.

Jan 19, 2018
  • The markets closed at a record high this year and maybe you are wondering why you didn’t do as well as the market, or others in the market. Find out why it’s important for you to have a portfolio that matches YOUR unique needs, not everyone else’s.
  • Is the stock market a bubble that will burst? That’s one of the most popular questions Steve gets from his listeners. Hear Steve’s thoughts on the matter.
  • Last, find out why listening to “rules of thumb”, when it comes to your financial planning, will only get you frustrated!
Jan 12, 2018

1.) Do you know what a Required Minimum Distribution is? Well, if you are about to retire, you should! Find out more about this rule is and why it’s vital to a successful retirement.


2.)Next, Steve will give you tips on how to talk to your family about money and why it’s a vital conversation to have for a secure retirement!


3.) Last, find out what you need to know to consider before collecting for social security. Steve will list the top five most important issues you need to know. You won’t want to miss it.

Jan 5, 2018

New Year Resolution: Joe Cortese, Senior Consultant from DiMeo Schneider & Associates, will give us an analysis on how well the economy did in 2017. Listen to this exclusive back-to-back segment with Steve and Joe as they recap the year and give you their forecast for the new year!


Are Your Children Spoiled? Do you worry that your children, or even your adult children, are spoiled? Most Americans do, and still they continue to give to their adult children which can hurt their own retirement. Find out in this exclusive segment on what techniques to use to help get your children out of the nest!

Dec 29, 2017

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Find out what the most pressing issues are with the tax act and what you can do before the year ends.

Year End Market Recap: Senior Consultant Nicholas Breit, from CFN’s expert investment team at Dimeo & Schneider, will join the show to discuss the markets! Find out how the markets ended the year and what opportunities lay ahead for 2018.

Charitable Giving: How will your charitable giving change in the year 2018? Listen to this exclusive coverage of the tax reform by CFN expert Chris Gibbons, CFP®, CAP®, CLU®, FIC.

Dec 22, 2017

 Charitable Giving: How will your charitable giving change in the year 2018? Listen to this exclusive coverage of the tax reform by CFN expert Chris Gibbons, CFP®, CAP®, CLU®, FIC.

 What to do before 2018: Now that tax reform is here, find out the six things you need to do before the end of the year. Find out what is changing and what you need to do about it.

Bond Market Bust: Lastly, learn about the new changes that will create turmoil in the bond market, and what it means to you.

Dec 14, 2017

Veteran broadcaster Steve Cordasco was LIVE for drive time, last Wednesday (12/13) at 4pm on WNTP! Useful year-end content, special guests, and open phones! One hour only—don’t miss it! Topics include:

  • Bitcoin for Baby Boomers- Does the bitcoin frenzy mean anything to you? How can you navigate this complicated world of crypto-currency? Find out Steve's take on it- and call in with your questions!
  • Trump's Tax Reform Plan- Find out what this tax reform plan means to you, your money, and business. We want to hear from you!
Dec 8, 2017
  • Lessons Learned from Bad Organizations: What can you learn from bad organizations? Find out what former CIA director John Brennan observed during his decade long battle against terror networks.  Steve and Leah Mele from Cordasco Financial Network will cover Brennan’s findings in depth.
  • Social Security Sign-Up: Find out what you need to consider before signing up for social security. Steve will list the top five most important issues you need to know. You won’t want to miss it.
  • Lessons Learned for Late-Life Planning: Last, Chris Gibbons CFP®, CAP®, CLU®, FIC will join the show to discuss what he learned from his own personal experience about the importance of late-life planning. Find out what CFN does about this heavy emotional topic and how it can help your retirement.
Nov 24, 2017

Technology Terrors: Why did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates limit screen time for their children while they grew up? Are the ways we educate children on technology and the world of money wrong? Find out in this segment the overlap and what can be done about it. 


Stocks for Students: Next, CFN team member Dennis Jablonoski will join the show! Steve will discuss financial literacy in the U.S and the best ways to teach children about the complicated world of money.


Financial Fog: Last, financial activist Barbara Stanny will join the show and discuss the importance of financial literacy. Find out how the daughter of H&R Block founder lost all of her inheritance money but made a comeback. 

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