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May 20, 2016

Steve has an excellent show for you today!

Are We in a Recession

Steve discusses the latest viral interview with Rich Zeoli on 1210 WPHT that has been getting a lot of traction. When asked about the current state of the economy, Steve explains why he believes we are actually in a recession. He dives into the details of this recent article and explains his view of the US economy today, and where it's going in the future.


"Sell in May and Go Away

Jake Summers, Investment Analyst from Cordasco Financial Network joins the program to discuss this old investment axiom and share his thoughts on the concepts of market timing. Jake and Steve break down some of the most popular stock market myths and help you understand how to navigate this environment.


Hugh Hewitt Joins Steve from the Union League

Syndicated radio show host, Hugh Hewitt joins Steve from a joint News Talk 990AM event at the Union League. From investments to politics, Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, Steve and Hugh cover a number of topics that are making headlines today.

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May 13, 2016

Steve has a great show for you this week!

Diana Furchtgott Roth - Columnist at and former Chief Economist for the US Department of Labor joins Steve to talk about Central State Pension Fund Issues. How did the fund get into this position and who’s responsible?

Anthony Novara - Senior Research Analyst from DiMeo Schneider and Associates will be on to help shed some light on Donald Trump's effect on the stock market, and why he isn't making as big of an impact as you might think.

How Trump & Hillary Invest...And What It Means For You - The two most prominent Presidential candidates have some very interesting investing habits. Steve uncovers the "portfolios" of each POTUS hopeful, and helps you understand what it may mean for you as well.

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Apr 5, 2016

Steve Cordasco had a jam-packed show this week!

Trump vs Clinton - Why do small banks say Hillary is getting their vote? What’s behind the reason for Clinton winning their vote?  Would you move your money out of a bank that supports a candidate that you don't like? Gerry Banmiller of 1st Colonial Community Bank weighs in with his opinion on why more small banks say they like Clinton over Trump.

Also, Steve shares some of his thoughts on Trump's talking points about China. Is China really to blame for a decrease in U.S. manufacturing? Steve discusses this issue at length and points you to examine the evidence yourself by reading the latest article on this topic by clicking here: CATO INSTITUTE ARTICLE.

New Student Loan Directed to Parents - There is a new breed of private lenders offering parents a new product to finance a child's education. Is it a good deal?  Will it replace the federal lending program?  Why are the rates so much lower than the federal loan program?  Why are colleges pushing these loans?  Is it good for you and your children and grandchildren? Steve covers it in detail and shares some of the "devil in the details".

The new rule that could change your IRA advice - Does the new rule threaten your retirement or worse?

The Difficult Task of Helping our Aging Parents with Finances - Many have accumulated a nest egg and are providing a legacy by living within their means and keeping a close eye on their financial details. However, many aging parents are in a tough spot as they try to keep up with financial matters. As many are becoming incapacitated, finances are getting lost and difficult to handle for loved ones who try to help.  How can you avoid this happening to your family?  Steve provides tips on how to get involved before it gets too difficult.

Are We Near a Stock Market Crash - We will take a look at the markets and discuss the topic of a stock market crash and if you should be worried. Do you worry about a stock market crash?  What makes us worried about a market crash?  What can you do now to prepare yourself for the future?

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