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Steve Cordasco, CEO of Cordasco Financial Network brings you LIVE exclusive interviews, the nation's best guests and expert insights on the latest news in the world of personal finance, global markets and politics every week! Gain comfort and clarity for your retirement by listening to the Your Life, Your Wealth podcast today!
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Mar 31, 2017

The Myth of Millionaires: A record number of millionaires are popping up across the country. Does a million dollars mean you're rich? Steve looked into it!

Advisor's Alpha: Chris Tidmore from Vanguard joined the program. Chris and Steve talked about the secret skill advisors need to get you an extra 3 percent!

Back in Brick: Steve discussed some surprisingly big plans at Amazon! He also explained how the retail giant can get your life moving in a fun new direction!

Chaos, Normalized: Steve looked at data that shows terrorism is no longer a threat to your wallet!

Mar 24, 2017

Budget Buster?: Are essential programs to your life and wealth getting cut by the President? Steve has the answers! 

The Doctor's View:
Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli who is the Senior Executive Vice President at Cooper Health, joined the show! Steve and Dr. Mazzarelli talked about why you shouldn’t panic about the new healthcare bill and where the money would actually go!
Business and Basketball: Josh Harris, who owns the Philadelphia 76ers, got to sit down with President Trump! Steve explained why the Sixers are a good example for the country and your finances!

Fed Control: The fed raised rates again! Steve broke down how banks have been capitalizing off of the increases and how an advisor can help you save money!

Mar 17, 2017
Filing and Fraud: Michael Gillen from Duane Morris joined the show to talk about popular tax scams! Are you at risk? Steve broke it down.  
Community Collapse: Gerry Banmiller of First Colonial Bank came on the show to explain why community banks are disappearing! Does it affect our loan system? Tune in to find out!
Get the Bread and Milk!: Steve explained why Winter Storm Stella can teach you a valuable lesson about life planning!
Healthcareless: Steve went after AARP and the way they responded to the new healthcare bill! 
Mar 10, 2017

Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth: Steve had David Goodsell of Natixis Global Management on the program to talk about why being a successful investor deals directly with your heart!
Trump Market Crash:  The markets have been great under President Trump but is a crash imminent? Anthony Novara of DiMeo Schneider and Associates joined the show to explain if the bubble will burst!

Mar 3, 2017

And the Oscar Goes to...Someone Else: The Academy Awards were let down by one of the world's biggest accounting firms. Does that spell trouble for you? Steve and Tim Joseph explained how you can safeguard your finances! 
The Richest Man's Silent Partner: Steve broke down why Warren Buffet is the big name, but his partner is the brains of the operation! He also explained how Buffet's annual letter to shareholders is full of life lessons!
Fake News, Real Veto: President Trump has chosen to skip the White House Correspondent’s dinner. Steve gave his thoughts on why the President's refusal could decrease your anxiety!