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Apr 29, 2016

Starting things off, Steve continues the discussion about the proposed plan that would wipe out 401K's for a government mandated retirement system. The architect of this plan, Teresa Ghilarducci (@tghilarducci) joins the show to debate it's merits. You can read more about her work and the details of this new plan by visiting

Next Steve brings a heavy-hitter from the Washington Post - Jim Tankersley (@jimtankersley) to discuss Donald Trump's proposed Chinese tariff as a means of bringing American manufacturing jobs back the U.S. Does a tariff really solve our manufacturing problems or might the unintended consequences do more harm than good?

Finally, Steve wraps-up the show with a deeper discussion of his recent interview with CBS 3 Philadelphia on the value of incorporating in Delaware. Steve's full interview can be seen here:

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Apr 22, 2016

Christian Weller is on the show for a fiery debate about the future of 401k's. Are 401k plans being replaced by government mandated savings plans? Christian Weller (@Prof_CEW) provides his policy focused insights while Steve Cordasco discusses the subject from a economics and small business owner point of view. You don't want to miss this guest.

Next up, Steve brings on Jim Rickards (@jamesgrickards) to discuss the recent reports of the fraying relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia. What does the recent President Obama meeting mean for your investment portfolio? Listen in to Steve and Jim's insights on the future of the global investment markets.

Finally, what can NBA star Kobe Bryant, MMA fighter Connor McGregor and rock band Van Halen teach you about retirement planning? Steve shares some interesting stories and expert advice that may make you think twice about the next steps of your retirement plan. You're going to love this segment.

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Apr 15, 2016

Steve starts off the program with an excellent interview of an expert journalist, Mark Schoeff, Jr. Mark covers capitol hill and regulatory matters from Inside the Beltway for InvestmentNews, and has the latest take on the Department of Labor's new fiduciary ruling, as well as the potential collateral damage it may cause. You can learn more about Mark by visiting InvestmentNews or following him on Twitter @MarkSchoeff.

Is the fix in? Steve sheds light on the unusual recent White House meeting of Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen along with President Obama and Vice President Biden. What could they possibly be discussing? The coming November presidential election? The looming bankruptcy of our nation's largest coal company? Maybe the President's recent plans to forgive $8 Billion in student loan debt from 400,000 borrowers?

Speaking of student loan forgiveness, are we approaching a potential student debt crisis? Steve highlights the details of President Obama's loan forgiveness plan and shares his opinion on a possible solution for keeping education costs low and better preparing students for college.

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Apr 8, 2016

Donald Trump is in the news again. This time with a recent comment about the stock market's coming crash. Steve shares his insights into the markets, as well as the process used at Cordasco Financial Network to help investors understand their risk and position their portfolios accordingly.

On a local topic, Steve addresses the recent Philadelphia visits of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Steve recently penned a post for the Philadelphia Business Journal Titled, "The Wall Between Presidential Candidates and Small Business" where he diagnosed this issue in depth. You can get that article by clicking HERE. Steve then shares a personal story about taking his son to Temple University to see Bernie Sanders in person, and speaks with Jason Mardinly--an adjunct professor at Temple about the on campus feeling of Bernie's visit.

Jim Rickards joins the show next, sharing the latest insights on gold from his new book, "The New Case For Gold". Steve and Jim discuss the recent run-up in the price of gold and the appropriate allocation of gold for the everyday investor's portfolio.

Steve concludes the show with a few final points about the recent Department of Labor financial industry ruling and corporate stock buybacks that are flooding the investment markets. 

Enjoy the show!

Apr 5, 2016

Steve Cordasco had a jam-packed show this week!

Trump vs Clinton - Why do small banks say Hillary is getting their vote? What’s behind the reason for Clinton winning their vote?  Would you move your money out of a bank that supports a candidate that you don't like? Gerry Banmiller of 1st Colonial Community Bank weighs in with his opinion on why more small banks say they like Clinton over Trump.

Also, Steve shares some of his thoughts on Trump's talking points about China. Is China really to blame for a decrease in U.S. manufacturing? Steve discusses this issue at length and points you to examine the evidence yourself by reading the latest article on this topic by clicking here: CATO INSTITUTE ARTICLE.

New Student Loan Directed to Parents - There is a new breed of private lenders offering parents a new product to finance a child's education. Is it a good deal?  Will it replace the federal lending program?  Why are the rates so much lower than the federal loan program?  Why are colleges pushing these loans?  Is it good for you and your children and grandchildren? Steve covers it in detail and shares some of the "devil in the details".

The new rule that could change your IRA advice - Does the new rule threaten your retirement or worse?

The Difficult Task of Helping our Aging Parents with Finances - Many have accumulated a nest egg and are providing a legacy by living within their means and keeping a close eye on their financial details. However, many aging parents are in a tough spot as they try to keep up with financial matters. As many are becoming incapacitated, finances are getting lost and difficult to handle for loved ones who try to help.  How can you avoid this happening to your family?  Steve provides tips on how to get involved before it gets too difficult.

Are We Near a Stock Market Crash - We will take a look at the markets and discuss the topic of a stock market crash and if you should be worried. Do you worry about a stock market crash?  What makes us worried about a market crash?  What can you do now to prepare yourself for the future?

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